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Septic System Inspection

Septic Inspection happens when you sell your home or business or when you detect the system may not be working properly.

Another reason to inspect the system is if you build an addition or add more bath rooms to the existing home or building,
also, you want to be sure you do not build on top of the system.

Bigg Dawg is a licensed NH Installer since 1985, and can provide an inspection certificate, and if repairs are needed we can get them done quickly.

Causes of septic system failure.
Septic systems fail for many reasons. Sometimes a system fails because the tank simply needs to be pumped out. Other failures are more complicated and costly. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sites these common reasons for septic system failure:
• The septic tank is not big enough
• The drain field is not big enough
• The drain field is not leveled properly
• The system has been installed in unsuitable soil
• The drain field has been paved or has become hard-packed
• Seasonal ground table water is high
• Surface drainage does not drain from the drain field
• Tree roots have interfered with the system
• Water softeners, water purification systems, and/or garbage disposals have interfered with the system

We offer complete inspections including digging up existing tank and adding a top to offer easy access after the inspection. 

Please read the New Hampshire Department of Health that discusses the process, and the related public health statutes.


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