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Outdoor Fire Places - Pits

Transform your backyard with a customized CLIFROCK Fire Feature

Outdoor fire features are becoming more and more popular for many reasons. These beautiful focal pieces make for the perfect gathering and conversation spot during any season. They also provide an excellent heat source during those cooler nights making it the ideal hangout spot. Bigg Dawg makes it easy and fun to create your own Fire pit or fireplace. ClifRock’s fire features are high heat tolerant, built to handle the harsh outdoor elements, are made of a zero flame spread material, and can be fully customized from the color to the design and stone profile.

A fire pit does more than flicker flames that light your outdoor space; it also provides a heat source on a cool evening and makes for the perfect gathering spot where a lifetime of special, unforgettable memories are created. Custom fire pits and other outdoor fire features are one of the most popular backyard additions because they create the ultimate gathering areas during any season. During the summer, your outdoor fire pit will be an absolutely striking piece for your backyard entertainment. Then, during the fall or winter, it will become a charming and warm place for your family and friends to gather around. No matter what season it is, you will find yourself out next to your fire pit. We believe your outdoor living space should match your lifestyle and meet all of your entertainment needs. The ClifRock panel system now allows you to create your own custom outdoor fire pit. With ClifRock's selection of unlimited colors, sizes, and stone profiles to choose from, your backyard fire feature is sure to be one of a kind. ClifRock's custom fire pits can be installed in under a day so you can be enjoying your new fire pit in the same day! Want to spice things up a notch? We proudly offer the Blazing Beats Dancing fire pits, an industry-first outdoor fire feature that dances to the sound of your music. You have to see it to believe it. So view a demo of this product here!

If you are looking for a more down-to-earth style fire pit, we also offer our signature tree stump fire pit. With ClifRock, you will certainly have a backyard fire feature that fits your style and meets your entertainment needs. Bigg Dawg gives all of our customers the best of the best. All of ClifRock's engineered stone structures are fire resistant and made from a non-combustible, zero flame spread materials. Your new fire pit can also be outfitted with any type of fuel insert to meet your needs, such as: the traditional wood-burning insert, a gas burner, or a propane unit. From any size custom fire pits to ClifRock's fire pit modular kits, you are bound to find something that not only fits what you are looking for but also meets your budget.

Gas burners can come in natural gas (NG) or propane (LP).
There are multiple benefits to having an outdoor fire feature with a gas burner. Gas burners provide a nice, clean burn, and they can create a fire and turn off a fire instantly. Although gas burners can require a little more maintenance, they are a great choice and typically safer than wood burning systems.

Wood burning systems.
Wood burning systems are less expensive to operate, ignite a more natural fire feel, and provide that priceless flame crackling sounds. The fire pits typically have a pan or are lined with a refractory brick. Outdoor fireplaces use a refractory wood burning box and require a smoke chamber with proper height flue for proper draft.

fire pit

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