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ClifRock Custom Outdoor Features

Using ClifRock Panels, Boulders, Bigg Dawg has created waterfalls, waterslides, even a cave like tunnel.
We can also great Grotos with seating, Hot tub, or spa area.


Building a tunnel Building a tunnel
Competed Tunnel
Competed Tunnel
Inside of tunnel
Inside of tunnel

ClifRock’s boulder panel system now makes it possible for creating unique outdoor spaces and features. Engineered fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material that is lighter weight and resistant to the harsh external elements end environmental impacts, even in New England's harsh climate.

Clif Rock's material is freeze-thaw stable and resistant to high heat, freezing temperatures, abrasion, and heavy impacts. And, the lighter weight material makes it possible for almost any poolside to withstand a waterfall slide or even a tunnel and also prevents the engineered boulders from future shifting or settling into the ground.

Aside from the outstanding quality and durability, Clif Rocks's boulder panel system delivers a completely natural boulder look and feel. The boulder panels are exact impressions taken from real stone, ledges and cliffs across North America. We can construct our boulders in any size, shape and color. And, Bigg Dawg can customize the layout of your project with almost any idea or concept you come up with. Our boulder panel system also makes it simple to add in a bench or a loveseat for the full private resort experience

Building a waterfall Building a waterfall
Stone walkway
Stone walkway
Covered Patio Kitchen
Covered Patio Kitchen

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